Mangini S.r.l.

The Company has been established in 1952 by Mr. Giuseppe Mangini, and has always been operating in maritime and industrial fields in particular in Genoa Port Area, where it is still located, following  in the decades the developments and changes of transports and logistic, adapting to the changed needs of the clients..

The Firm has been working on behalf of several Italian and foreign Insurance Companies, P&I, Maritime Companies, Shippers and Industries. Apart from the usual compartment for good transportation, surveys on pleasure boats, assistance at loading/discharging (also for special cargoes and yachts) since 1970 the Company developed its business in a complementary activity in respect of the core-business, together with said Insurance Companies and their insured:

The surveyors, after their usual activities in damage ascertainment, for major and/or frequent occurrences, analyse facts, investigating and collecting data from all the parties involved in the manufacturing and logistic chains.
This important aspect represents the basis for corrective actions performing “loss prevention”.

Since 1980 the Company increased these complementary activities, always together with different Insurance Companies, big and medium customers, taking care of Insurance Policies.

In particular we performed and at present performs, preliminary inspections in case of new insurance covers, evaluating risk typologies, analysing previous risks, collaborating with different departments of the Companies and, in case, monitoring the “complete work process”. Depending on the different needs, the Company has created a particular software which focuses the insured damages as well as minor damages, allows to process data, statistics and the financial part of the claim settlement.

In case of Insurance cover, when requested, we provide moreover procedures for:

  • Claims handling;
  • Correct framing of Administrative file;
  • Loss reduction;
  • Recovery actions;

For different insurance Companies we agreed to handle and file all the minor damages, claims, legal aspects out of Insurance competence.

The database filing of all the occurrences, both in paper and electronically with appropriate software, allows the Insured company to monitor constantly, finding all the matters useful to change and evaluating risks.
This activity has strengthened, during the years, the Insurers’ trust.


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Mangini SRL

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