The firm is composed by:

  • Mr. Luca Mangini, legal representative, claim manager, Mechanical and Marine Engineer, founding Member and Chairman (2002-2007) of A.I.Per.T, Association of Italian Transport Surveyors;
  • Mr. Maurizio De Marchi, Mechanical and Marine Engineer;
  • Mr. Federico Mangini, Cargo & Marine Surveyor;
  • Mr. Spartaco Bugatti, Captain Cargo & Marine Surveyor;
  • Mr. Giorgio Ersini, Marine Engineer;
  • Mrs. Claudia Benvenuto, Claim and database Manager;
  • Mrs. Paola Rebuffo, Claim Manager;
  • Mrs. Laura Casareto, Data Manager
  • Mr. Marco Lucentini, Accounting and Financial Department


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Mangini SRL

Ponte Caracciolo Radice
16126 Genova (GE) Italia

Telefono: 010 255756, 010 256360
Fax: 010 255637